Monday, 31 December 2012

A video clip that caught my attention

The Black Hole

This video clip is a really interesting one. In this clip, the printer, which was faulty, printed out a BLACK HOLE. This black hole is really unique because it allows objects to pass through it. So, the man in this video decided to test it out by putting the hole near the vending machine to take a snack... and it WORKED!!! The man, who became greedy, decided to steal the money which was locked safely in a safe. To make sure that the safe was empty, he put his whole body inside, and unfortunately, he got stucked there because the black hole slipped from the safe and he could not come out.

What have I learnt from this video clip?
1) We must not be greedy at all times because there is always a consequence behind our actions
2) Sometimes, not what we always want will happen, but what happens, may be a lesson for us
3) Use the 'powers' that we have got wisely

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